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Estate Supervisor
Hilda Bekker
011 568 4227

Maxie Josemans
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Johan Dijksman
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Victor Cekiso
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122 Elevation Avenue

Randjesfontein Conservancy

Randjesfontein Conservancy was established in 2008 and is registered with the Gauteng Conservancy Association (Membership number 057)


  • To manage and improve the environment.
  • To educate the community about our conservancy.
  • To ensure all open spaces and horse trails are improved.

The conservation of species habitat is one of our primary objectives.
Natural grasses form the habitat for guinea fowls, marsh owls and francolin that inhabit the estate.

To protect them, Randjesfontein will retain as much natural grassland as possible.
The preservation of grasslands is important for many other birds that feed on the seeds, as well as habitat for food sources for owls, such as rodents and insects.

Randjesfontein Conservancy intends to keep residents abreast of the latest techniques and methodologies of perma-culture, viticulture and the general benefits of reducing our reliance and exposure to pesticides and inorganic compounds that find their way into the food we eat.

Recycled horseshoes