Office Hours
08:00 – 13:00

Estate Supervisor
Hilda Bekker
011 568 4227

Maxie Josemans
011 568 4229

Johan Dijksman
011 568 4226

Victor Cekiso
011 5684225

122 Elevation Avenue

Prime Equestrian Estate

What does Randjesfonteinhave to offer?

The definable attributes of the estate are:

  • A Large property lifestyle
  • Beautiful Horse Trails
  • Security & Access Control
  • A Well-managed office
  • A Conservancy

What is the segment of the market in which the estate wishes to position itself?

Upper market & exclusive agricultural rural lifestyle.
To be at least comparable to Kyalami, Beaulieu & other equestrian areas value-wise,
and then to surpass them.
Improving the Gatehouses and the Homestead will help improve the demand for the area.

What are the expectationsof the residents regarding return on investment?

Owners buy for the lifestyle more than the investment.
The higher the demand the more the property values will increase

What are the growth expectations of the estate?

This is limited as the number of properties and density cannot increase other than by subdivisions into one-hectare stands.
This is positive as we can maintain our space.