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Estate Supervisor
Hilda Bekker
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Maxie Josemans
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Johan Dijksman
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Victor Cekiso
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122 Elevation Avenue

Board Members

What capabilities are required of the board members?

The Chairman must see the vision for the estate clearly and understand how to achieve this. This person must understand corporate governance, have people skills, be able to communicate well and be able to speak in public. The roles of Finance, Security and PR must be filled by persons with skills in these fields

The Residential director needs people skills and the Regional Director must have an interest in news, politics and general issues, also an idea about development. All directors must be dedicated and have time for their roles

The beliefs of the residents are included as an important element in determining the strategy.

Fundamental to the requirement for the effective operation of the board, is the need to ensure that all residents take ownership of the vision. Only when there is full buy-in can we expect to have a harmonious society, all committed to enhancing the value of our properties and lifestyle.

Hannes Venter




Bernd Kramer

Building Plans and Land Use Director

Edward Thackeray

Physical Security Director

Brandon van Niekerk

Security (Security Systems) Director

Ian Alers

Governance & Office Management Director

Michael Papageorge

Finance Director

Anton Minnaar

Special Projects & Regional Affairs Director

Brandon Harding

IT & Infrastructure Director


John Dijksman

Victor Cekiso

Security 2nd in Charge

Security Control Room

24 Hour Operation

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Maxie Josemans


011 568 4229

Hilda Becker

Estate Manager

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